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How Do You Pay For College? We Want To Hear Your Story

Share your story.
Katherine Du

Updated Aug. 15

College is expensive. Are you looking for tips (or have your own to offer) on how to find scholarships and grant money? Do you have questions about the best ways to save for your kids' (or your own) college or about the best approaches for paying off student loan debt once you're out of school? If so, NPR wants to hear from you for a series of stories about how to afford college.

We're looking for your questions, success stories, horror stories, the I-wish-I-knew-this-before-I-took-out-$100,000-in-student-loans stories — you get the idea.

Please fill out the form below to tell us your experience.

Part of this project involves putting voices on air, so we would love it if you could send us a voice memo. You can submit a voice memo within the form, or email a voice memo to talktous@npr.org with "how to afford college" in the subject line.

This form was closed on May 17.

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