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What Is Stopping You From Becoming A Grill Master? Tell Us

Ah, summer. What a wonderful time to head to the backyard or up to the rooftop deck and grill up a few burgers for you and your pals.

Growing up, every time my dad made his famous ribs — well, famous in our house — I'd always rush to the dinner table, fashion a bib out of paper towels, and dig in.

But I can't yet say I have mastered my grilling technique as an adult. My main problem is, I have no idea how to grill. So once I figure that out I'll be fine, right?

NPR's Morning Edition is here to help! Luckily, Bon Appétit's Adam Rapoport has agreed to answer some of your grilling questions. So, what do you need help with as you fire up the grill this summer? Your question could be answered on an upcoming segment on Morning Edition.

You can submit your question below or by clicking here.

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