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Beyoncé And Jay-Z Surprise Album: 'Everything Is Love'


Well, it's a big month for hip-hop albums. Kanye West released "Ye," and Nas dropped "Nasir."


Then on Saturday, Beyonce and Jay-Z released "Everything Is Love."


BEYONCE: (Rapping) Stack my money fast and go.

QUAVO: (Rapping) Fast, fast, go.

BEYONCE: (Rapping) Fast like my Lambo.

INSKEEP: All right, that's a clip from a song which has a name that we can't say on the air but features a music video set at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Here's Rodney Carmichael from NPR Music.

RODNEY CARMICHAEL, BYLINE: To be in this gallery where blackness itself is very minimal at best represented in the artworks, and for them to be front and center but for them to also be making blackness front and center - it's a really important message.

MARTIN: The album also focuses on the struggles of love.

CARMICHAEL: They use this embattled marriage to talk about the real, hard work of real love and real generation of wealth building.

INSKEEP: Now, this is not the first time the two have woven their marriage into music. They've been "Crazy In Love," proclaimed "Love On Top," and now "Everything Is Love."


BEYONCE: (Singing) The ups and downs are worth it. Long way to go, but we're working. We're flawed, but we're still perfect for each other, baby, you. Sometimes I thought we'd never see the light and went through hell with heaven on our side. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.