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Episode 846: Ungerrymandering Florida

Florida District 5

Note: This is the second episode in a series on elections and how they can be gamed. The first episode is #845: REDMAP. (You can listen in any order!)

Florida should be a swing state. But for the past 25 years, most of its representatives have been Republicans. That's because Republicans drew electoral maps that favored their own candidates. They gerrymandered.

Then, in 2010, Florida tried to fix this. Citizens passed ballot initiatives that outlawed partisan gerrymandering.

Today on the show: How politicians tried to sneak gerrymandering back into Florida--in disguise.

Music: "Feel It Rising Hands Up" and "Bringing Tomorrow."

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Corrected: June 14, 2018 at 12:00 AM EDT
In a previous version of this podcast, we misidentified the Republican consultant who testified. It was Rich Heffley, not Frank Terrafirma.