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Episode 828: You Asked For More

Safe haven currency, the Swiss franc.

Listeners have questions. Google has answers. Sometimes, though, listeners have questions that Google can't answer. Like: Why is the lighting in hotel rooms so weird? How can a cooked and spiced rotisserie chicken be cheaper than an uncooked chicken? What is a Giffen Good, and why does demand for it go up when its price goes up? And why does it say on a coupon that it's worth 1/100th of a cent?

If you have a question you want us to answer, email us at planetmoney@npr.org. Or better yet, tell us a great story about economics that answered a question you had.

Music: "Funky Lick," "Just for You," "Fake Blood Cleaners," "French Quarter Boogaloo," "Is This Real," "Something New," and "I Just Wanna Be Happy."

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