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Episode 827: Three Indicators

Three, for three indicators.

Stacey Vanek Smith and Cardiff Garcia host the Planet Money spin-off, The Indicator. Each day, they take a number or term in the news, and tell you what it means and why it matters.

Today on Planet Money, we are bringing you three indicators, three numbers that tell us something about the world. We'll tell you what the US really sells to the world, how the conservative tax plan is maybe just what a liberal economist had always hoped for, and how craft beer blew up the hops business.

A note on sourcing: For more about the details of goods exports, we recommend the Atlas of Economic Complexity from Harvard. We also used the latest monthly release of the US international trade in goods and services report from the census bureau and the bureau of economic analysis. The figure for education exports was from Open Doors, a resource funded by the Department of State. And finally, we learned about the great hops bust from this story in The Financial Times.

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