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Episode 710: The Brexit Break-Up

Two Brexiteers: Joan Bowles and Anna Sibley.
Two Brexiteers: Joan Bowles and Anna Sibley.

With Brexit, Britain is leaving the European Union. And the whole thing is kind of like a break-up. Divvying up the belongings. The banks. The regulatory agencies. The people. And, in any breakup, there are two sides of the story.

Today on the show, we hear both sides of the Brexit break-up: the people who voted 'Leave,' and the Europeans being left.

For one side, we visit a seaside British town that has felt left behind for years to find out why they voted 'Leave'. Then, we hop on plane after plane after plane for a whirlwind European tour on the hunt for what it feels like to be left behind on the continent. And for what comes next.

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