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Egyptian, Greek Officials Continue Search For EgyptAir Flight Remains


An update now on our top story, the disappearance of an Egypt airplane over the Mediterranean Sea. Air safety officials are working through the night to find signs of the Airbus A320.


Earlier, there was some confusion about whether objects found off the Greek coast belonged to the missing aircraft. But EgyptAir's vice chairman later told CNN that no wreckage has yet been found. The United States is helping in the search.

CORNISH: The plane disappeared early this morning as it made its way from Paris to Cairo. It carried 66 crew and passengers, including one child and two infants. They were from Egypt, France, Iraq and nine other countries. No Americans are thought to have been onboard.

SHAPIRO: Egyptian authorities told the Associated Press the possibility that this was a terror attack is higher than the possibility that this was a technical failure. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.