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Episode 673: The Rest of the Story, 2015 Edition

Rocky economic times in 2015 for Greece, the oil industry, and NYC's yellow cab owners.

At Planet Money, our characters generally don't ride off into the sunset. They just keep living their lives. Today on the show, we are taking a page from radio legend Paul Harvey and bringing you our annual tradition we call, The Rest of the Story where we follow up with a few of the people we met in past episodes.

We hear what happened in Greece after its citizens voted to stick it out with the Euro. We check in with a North Dakota oil boom town (and a plastic recycling plant) to see how plummeting oil prices have changed daily life. And we get an update on the internet's most fearsome pirate and New York City's favorite taxicab mogul.

In case you missed them, here are the original stories featured in today's episode:

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  • Episode 428: Turning A Boom Town Into A Real Town
  • Episode 613: Trash!
  • Episode 585: Chasing The Dread Pirate Roberts
  • Episode 643: The Taxi King

  • Music: Adam Paul Burns's "Rule the Day," Derek Lewars's "Don't You Know," Gooding's "Bootlegger's Boy," Beck Goldsmith and Christopher Lewis's "Reinvention," Drew Milligan's "Pirate," and Martin Duru and Jean-Sebastien Nouveu's "Pure Pleasure."

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