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Adelson Silent On Whether He Bought Las Vegas Paper


And I want to imagine this right now - you show up for work one day and your company has a new owner. But it's a mystery owner who won't say who he or she is. That's life right now for the people in the newsroom of the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper. Last week, the paper was bought for 140 million in cash by an investment group that wished to keep its investors secret.


Well, now The Wall Street Journal's reporting that the mystery buyer is billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon Adelson is big in the business world, also a major philanthropist and also a major Republican donor. In fact, Tuesday night's GOP debate was held at one of his hotels, the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.

MONTAGNE: Adelson has declined to comment. And in conversations with one reporter, he said he had, quote, "no personal interest" in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. That hasn't stopped some financial publications from identifying him. He also owns a daily newspaper in Israel. Both the newsroom's own editorial staff and a Nevada congresswoman have called for the new owners to disclose who exactly they are. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.