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'All My Children' Actor David Canary Dies


We're going to take a moment now to remember a man who made a name for himself in daytime television - actually, made two names for himself.


DAVID CANARY: (As Adam Chandler) Oh, Stuart, Stuart, just the man I wanted to see.

(As Stuart Chandler) I can't do this anymore, Adam. It's gone too far.


That's actor David Canary playing twin brothers Adam and Stuart Chandler on the soap opera "All My Children." He died earlier this month at age 77.

SHAPIRO: Adam was the powerful, conniving twin. Stuart was gentle and innocent.

MCEVERS: Canary didn't know it was the plan to play twins. Here he is in an interview with the Archive of American Television from 2004.


CANARY: I did not know that Stuart existed. They didn't tell me that until after I'd signed the contract. Fine with me - it was a bonus as far as I was concerned. But they didn't tell me about that. So I not only had to figure out who Adam was, I had to figure out who Stuart was.

MCEVERS: He did figure it out and went on to win five Daytime Emmys. But he always remembered his roots.

SHAPIRO: Mel Herncane ran into him now and then as president of the Chamber of Commerce in Massillon, Ohio, where Canary grew up.

MEL HERNCANE: He never forgot us. And when you talked to him, he was like as comfortable as an old shoe. I mean, he was. He was just a genuine, nice fella, even though he was a star.

MCEVERS: Herncane says Canary will also be remembered as a star lineman for the Massillon Tigers football team and later at the University of Cincinnati.

SHAPIRO: In that interview back in 2004, Canary looked back on everything he had done.

CANARY: Being proud of something is a very tricky word and I sometimes think it has a bad connotation. I don't feel proud, I feel grateful. I'm lucky.

SHAPIRO: Actor David Canary died on November 16. He was 77 years old. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.