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Coronavirus Questions Answered: What If People Aren't Covering Their Noses?

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More people are wearing face coverings in public, but are they wearing them correctly?

Kendall wanted to know if it’s acceptable to wear a face mask but not cover your nose.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the proper way to wear a face mask is to cover your mouth and nose, secure it under your chin, and make sure the sides fit snugly, but that you are still able to breathe.

The main reason for wearing a face covering, according to public health officials, is to protect others from you, should you have the virus and not yet know it.  

University Hospitals' Dr. Amy Edwards said wearing a mask that covers your mouth and not your nose is only partially effective. The majority of droplets that can transmit the virus come out of your mouth, but droplets can leave out of your nose as well, so to be fully effective, a mask needs to cover your mouth and nose. 

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