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Coronavirus Questions Answered: Can Young And Healthy People Get It?

What are your questions about the coronavirus?

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Erin asked: I heard it only affects older people and people who have problems. Is that true? I’m healthy and I have a good immune system, so do I have a good chance of not getting it?”

Young and healthy people are just as likely to become infected with the novel coronavirus as older people, said University Hospitals' Dr. Amy Edwards. It is true though that many young people — especially kids — have had mild to moderate cases.

But Edwards said that’s not guaranteed, and a percentage of young and healthy people have had severe cases.

“And so yes, it is true that statistics are on your side, but if you’re that individual person who’s unlucky enough to get really sick and end up in the ICU, statistics aren’t going to mean anything to you,” she said.

And young and healthy people could spread the virus to those who aren’t, especially if you aren’t showing symptoms, so it’s important to stay home if at all possible.

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