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Ohio Dems Demand Full Mueller Report Release; GOP Calls "Witch Hunt" Over

“A summary report is not enough,” Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown wrote in a statement Sunday following the release of a summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings by Attorney General William Barr.

Brown said the U.S. Justice Department should provide Congress with the full report.

“It’s important that the American public have the answers they deserve about the full scope of the Mueller report and its findings,” Brown said.

Republican Sen. Rob Portman agreed, saying in a written statement, “I believe the report should be made public, with important exceptions for grand jury or classified information, and I hope the Attorney General provides as much information to the public as he possibly can, as soon as he can.”

Portman’s statement issued early Sunday evening indicated he has not yet reviewed the report.

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, a founder of the House Freedom Caucus and a staunch supporter of President Trump tweeted: “No collusion! No obstruction! It’s time to move on.”

It’s time to move on. — Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) March 24, 2019

“The events that gave rise to the appointment of the Special Counsel mark a dark chapter in American history,” Jordan wrote in a Sunday statement on behalf of Republicans in the House Oversight Committee. He accused “a handful of politically-biased actors with the Justice Department” of “a coordinated partisan attack on the President.”

Jordan concluded, “I hope this will put an end to the partisan and political investigations in Congress aimed at undermining President Trump.”

He did not call for the special counsel’s full report to be released, neither did Republican Rep. Bob Gibbs.

On Facebook, Gibbs wrote, “this witch hunt is finally over,” and added, “It is time the nation puts this spectacle behind us. Congressional Democrats should reconsider whether they want to drag this matter out after such a definitive conclusion from the Special Counsel.”

Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez also said on Facebook he was “thrilled” the report was complete.

“It is now time to move forward, provide whatever disclosure is consistent with the law, and start working on the real issues that are affecting the American people,” Gonzalez wrote.

On Twitter, two northeast Ohio Democrats, Tim Ryan and Marcy Kaptur called for the full report to be made public.

“The American people deserve full transparency,” Ryan tweeted.

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