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Music in Mid-Ohio: Chamber Music Connection


St. John’s Episcopal Church in Worthington is a lovely sanctuary. I’ve enjoyed attending church there over the years.

If you go up there on a (non-quarantine) Friday afternoon you’ll hear music as soon as you pull in to the parking lot. A lot of music. That’s because St. John’s on a Friday afternoon is the home of the Chamber Music Connection, begun years ago by the wonderful Deborah Barrett Price.

CMCs mission is to train musicians to play together. Quartets, trios, small ensembles, young musicians learn repertoire and they learn to blend (the latter can be tricky).

I’m a big fan of CMC. I’ve been pleased to emcee a number of their concerts over the years. The organization's concerts are often featured on Classical 101's Music in Mid-Ohio series, which has moved online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Price and her colleagues not only train young musicians, they produce big-time chamber music competition winners.

Here’s a performance by the Dajj String Quartet, taken from the recent Coltman Competition finals in Austin.


The Dajj Quartet formed in 2015 at the Chamber Music Connection under the mentorship of Artistic Director Deborah Price, who oversees a team of associated faculty members and guest artists who contribute to the coaching of Dajj and over twenty other small ensembles in the CMC program. We also recognize each member's private teacher and school orchestra director. It takes a village!

Dajj String Quartet members include:

Anna Linder, violin 1: sophomore at Columbus Academy, student of Paula Korak (CMC associated faculty member), orchestra director David Wong

Mathais Koo, violin 2: home-schooled sophomore, student of Tatiana Hannah (CSO)

Julian Tugaoen, viola: home-schooled senior, private teacher Debbie Price

Kate Fornshell, cello: freshman at Columbus Academy, student of Nancy Moore, orchestra director David Wong