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Classical 101

Music In Mid-Ohio: The Early Interval

The Early Interval

Music in Mid-Ohio is a tradition of Classical 101’s going back forty years. We turn to the local community for their performances. I like to say we present concerts of fine quality, given–often–by your friends and neighbors.

I know I’m supposed to be the opera guy. I do love me a good death scene, a Battaglia, or a Wagnerian singing dragon (who has a dandy death scene himself).

Opera is the music of my soul and my viscera.

The music of my soul was generally written before 1700. Monteverdi, Cavalli, Willaert, Caccini...going back to Perotin in the 12th century. These wide, often astringent harmonies support melodies set to religious and/or bawdy texts.

And don’t forget the dance music. Madrigals and masses are great. Just as a lot of business is done on the golf course today, centuries ago the dance floor was the place to settle wars and arrange marriages.

My love for this repertoire is a good reason I enjoy The Early Interval...and recommend you give them a listen. These are Columbus-based musicians who focus on this early repertoire. Their annual Twelfth Night Celebration is a post-Christmas treat. Spring concerts are themed around one or two countries, often Britain, France, Spain or Italy.

From 2016, let’s go to Mantua and Ferrara. The Early Interval, presented by Early Music in Columbus at Mees Auditorium. Sean Ferguson sets the style with his archlute.

I hope presenting these local performances will help us all feel less isolated. We are each of us part of a wonderful, thriving arts community. Don’t worry. “They’ll be back."