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Humanism in Medicine at OSU: Meet Dr. Linda Stone

musicians playing
Humanism In Medicine
An orchestra of students from all seven of the Health Sciences at OSU.

I’m in love with Doctor Linda Stone.  There, I’ve said it.

Listen to this interview with Dr. Stone and you, too, will fall in love.

Linda Stone, a family physician and a retired dean of The Ohio State University Medical School, was a founder of Humanism in Medicine at OSUMC.

Over forty percent of medical professionals suffer from some sort of burnout. So we've tried to ask, what are the things that are going to prevent that? The arts are a perfect idea.

Humanism in Medicine and Medicine and the Arts exist to serve thousands of staff and patients at The Ohio State University Medical Center. The entire community is welcome to participate. You needn’t be ill.

Whatever your state of health, listen to Dr. Stone.  You will only get better.

For more information:  http://u.osu.edu/humanisminmedicine/