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Bear Breaks into House and Plays Piano, But Just Barely

Katie Hawley

OK, we've all heard about Nora, the piano-playing cat, or numerous other cats at the keyboard. There have been other musical animals caught on camera as well, but this is a new one.

A bear broke into a house in Vail, Colorado, probably looking for food, and it seems he or she couldn't resist the piano in the living room.

The bear looks pretty noble standing at the keyboard. Did the notes strike an inner resonant chord or just barely make an impression? 


The bear did make off with some food from the freezer. His belly may have been satisfied, but I wonder if the encounter with the piano may have stirred his consciousness enough to inspire his musical imagination — that is, of course, if a bear could have one.

I'd like to think the bear's musical inspiration would be a great French Romantic composer who never played the piano, but left it to others to make solo piano transcriptions of his works — Hector Berlioz (BEAR-lioz).