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Watch: Dinosaurs Dance Ballet and Conduct a Symphony

Cincinnati Ballet YouTube
A T-rex dancing with the Cincinnati Ballet

If someone tries to tell you that going to the symphony to hear orchestral music is for "old dinosaurs," show them this video of a T-rex conducting. That should change their tune.


For an event at Comic-Con, an annual comic book convention, the Colorado Symphony performed music by John Williams from the film "Jurassic Park." Rather than donning the expected tux with a white tie and tails, conductor Christopher Dragon (!) was fully togged-out as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Well, he still had a tail—just not the normal one for a conductor. Dragon displayed a dynamic and roaring presence. 

And, to drive home the point that you're only as old as you feel, see what happens when a T-rex takes up dancing with the Cincinnati Ballet:


These old fossils from deep in the ground may seem like slumbering spirits, until from their sleep they abound. Then they may take form and produce for us these wonderful sounds:


Don't let anyone tell you old dinosaurs can't dance to, conduct or make music.