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Composed, The Anxieties of A Life in Music

Director John Beder and associate producer and editor Katie DeRoche have banded together with a number of musicians and conductors to discuss the very real issue of performance anxiety.

Eighty years ago, conductor Arturo Toscanini could rail at the musicians of the NBC Symphony "You are all pigs! I will leave music for shame! I will open a whore house! And not one of you cretini stupidi will be allowed in the door!

Tyrannical conductors like Toscanini and George Szell, musicians of profound gifts may be less prevalent today. The new documentary Composed turns a light on an aspect of life in music less discussed until now: performance anxiety. Anxieties such as the missed note, the performance related stress injuries, knowing that another instrumental as good if not better is waiting for you to fail...


Composed is produced and directed by John Beder along with  associate producer and editor Katie DeRoche. Over twenty musicians, freelancers, permanent orchestral chairs, soloists, conductors, students and seasoned professionals, are interviewed. Performance anxiety in music doesn't discriminate. It can hit the beginner and the mature artist with decades of experience. 

Aside from being an illuminating look into an artists' inner life, Composed offer a forum for discussion, comfort, recovery, and above all, lives in music.