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Serenading Grapes in Tuscany With Mozart

A Tuscan vineyard at sunset.
A Tuscan vineyard at sunset.

It's been reported again, this time by CBS News.  We already knew classical music was good for humans and animals and can soothe the savage beast, but Mozart's music can encourage the noble grape.  I had heard Mozart was supposed to make your kids smarter, but apparently his music can help grapes reach their full potential too.

Ah, imagine strolling through the grapevines to the strains of "La ci darem la mano" from Don Giovanni, or the sweet sounds of the Gran Partita serenade, music that brought tears to Antonio Salieri's eyes in the film Amadeus.  Beautiful.

In Italy, one vineyard in Tuscany has been playing Mozart's music through speakers set up outside for a number of years now and is producing sweeter grapes.  Vineyeard owner Giancarlo Cignozzi said piping the music into some of his fields has improved the quality of the grapes closer to the harmonious sounds of the great composer's works.

Well, why not?  Mozart's music always makes me feel good, and it apparently also has that effect on many other people.  There's something rather nice about imagining that such good vibes would benefit other living things as well.  So, enjoy a glass of wine and Mozart and hope every year brings a good harvest to Giancarlo Cignizzi.

In the video below, the two sisters in Cosi fan tutte might be in Naples ​wishing their departed lovers a calm sea and gentle winds in "Soave sie il vento," but the gentle breeze in Mozart's music would caress a field of grapes just as well.