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"Listening To The Stars," A Multi-Media Work From The Pizzuti Collection

The night sky makes a special appearance at the Pizzuti Collection's current Cuban exhibition, courtesy of artist Glenda Leon.

Every once in a while there's a composition—or work of visual art— that just stops you in your tracks. It's ephemeral; it's a moment of deep pause.

I'm pleased to invite you to experience just that at the Pizzuti Collection's black box installment, Escuchandolasestrellas, by artist Glenda Leon. 

Cuban artist Glenda Leon is a mixed-media artist who gives audiences the chance to see music and hear images. This particular work, Escuchando las estrellas (trans. Listening to the Stars) invites the audience to step into a black box exhibit and experience what the night sky could sound like if stars were just notes upon the staff. 

It's simple, effective, and a pure joy. 

I won't detail the visual component, that you should experience yourself since it's just so clever, but here's a sneak peak of what gives the stars their sound: 

Credit Kylie Harwell-Sturgill, photo of work at Pizzuti Collection
Kylie Harwell-Sturgill, photo of work at Pizzuti Collection
A tiny music box plays as listeners/viewers experience "Listening to Stars," at the Pizzuti Collection's current Cuban exhibition.

Of course, for me, it brought to mind one of my favorite tracks from Bjork's albm Biophilia...

After walking through the gallery I noticed how, hauntingly the music could be heard around certain corners, and then it would disappear just a step further. 

On my second trip to the downstairs gallery, I finally stopped and asked two employees about how it feels to work next to an ongoing art installation with music on repeat...

To be honest, I don't hear it after a while... we've listened to horse hooves and other, louder installations." -Victoria Lavorina, Assistant Registrar
It's a lot more subtle and non-invasive than some of the ones that have played before." -Brittany Snider, Registrar

Clearly, the black box at the Pizzuti Collection has an ongoing reputation for interesting works with diverse soundscapes. I'll definitely be back to check out the next installation.

Be sure to check out the Pizzuti Collection's ongoing exhibition of Cuban art. After all, this is only one piece in their constellation.