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New Music Written to Calm Fidgety Felines

Do you need to calm your kitty?  Don't fret.  Next month, Universal Music, a major label for classical music, is releasing Music for Cats, by David Teie.  No, not music inspired by cats, (like Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical, Cats) or even about cats,  (like Rossini's Cat Duet) but this is music intended to be listened to by cats...  Although I understand some humans may like it too.  I'm sure people will pounce on this opportunity to provide soothing sounds to relax a wound-up feline friend.

David Teie is a scientist and a cellist with the National Symphony Orchestra.  He writes music for cats based on his theory of how they establish their sense of sound by the noises they hear when they are kittens.  He's been invited to scientific conferences, where his ideas are of interest to animal behaviorists and have been seriously considered.


Although not all cats respond to his music (what else would you expect?), more apparently do than to soothing classical music such as J.S. Bach's Air on the G String... which you'd think might work to relax a pent-up cat. It certainly works for me.

What makes David Teie's Music for Cats project fascinating to me— and of more substance that just another anthology of "relaxing classical music for kitties,"— is that these specially designed compositions seem to work best for calming formerly abused or feral cats in cat shelters.  He has made his music free to shelters, but it's now ready for a wider audience--to help cat lover's make sure their little feline friends can have something to help them de-stress and be calmer, just as some great classical music can do for us.    

Albert Schweitzer said, "there are two means of refuge from the misery of life--music and cats."  I always knew music worked for humans, but it's nice to know that there may be some that works for cats, too.