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Welcome to the Jungle

Mozart in the Jungle has recently been renewed by Amazon

There are certain TV shows that become so popular celebrities clamor to do cameos and guest appearances. Julia Roberts, Tom Selleck, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Rebecca Romijn are just a few who made appearances on Friends. What does this have to do with Classical music, you ask?

Well, there is now a program which has Classical musicians lining up to make a guest appearance. Mozart in the Jungle, an Amazon Original Series based on the book of the same name by Blair Tindall, has become the place to see and be seen for Classical music luminaries. One of the latest is Placido Domingo.

Now here's a guy who doesn't need any part of this. His star already burns brightly in the firmament, so he doesn't need any extra publicity. Yet, here he is. Hey, if the man can do a duet with Miss Piggy...

Other cameo appearances have been made by Emanuel Ax, who found himself dancing in a video game room, conductor Gustavo Dudamel, Lang Lang, and Joshua Bell.

Here's a taste in the trailer for season two.


So the next time you talk with a musician, you could ask them how much truth there is in this series. Of course, they'll probably tell you you're crazy, but it'll be fun to ask.

Here's one of the guests of MITJ conducting music by Venezuelan composer Arturo Márquez.