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An Impromptu Concert for John Williams...in His Front Yard

Stu Rosner
John Williams conducting a recent Boston Pops performance

Some years ago, I was given the opportunity to interview composer John Williams. Well, I got to interview him, sort of.

I was allowed to submit some questions and hope he would choose one of mine from among the likely hundreds of questions he received. Even though it was not a face-to-face conversation, or even over the phone, I was nervous. There was a lot of self-imposed pressure to ask something interesting and unique, all the while not sounding stupid.

Two young musicians recently had the opportunity to play one of the famed composer's most recognizable themes in the composer's presence...or at least they hoped he was listening. Bryce Hayashi (trumpet) and Michael Miller (flugelhorn) unpacked their horns on the sidewalk outside of John Williams' house and proceeded to play the Star Wars theme. There was, of course, much rehearsing, right up to the last minute. Here they are just prior to their command performance.


Once rehearsals were complete, it was time for the big moment! Stay with the performance, because the two young musicians get the thrill of a lifetime right after they finish.


Never give up on your dreams! John Williams conducts his famous theme and talks with 60 Minutes about his score to Star Wars: The Force Awakens below.