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Classical 101

Weekly Highlights: St. Patrick's Day Edition

A close look at folio 200r from the Book of Kells, Gospel of Mark, courtesy of the online catalogues of Trinity College Library Dublin, Ireland.

Every week is concert week on Classical 101. Tune in to hear everything from Ravel to Bach with witty insight and conversation from hosts in-the-know. Here's a sneak peek of what's on the menu for next week, March 13th-19th:

Sunday, March 13th: 



1:00 PM, Concerts@Ohio State with Christopher Purdy

Beethoven's Mass in C, Op. 86 was one of many pieces written for Prince Nikolaus Esterházy II in 1807, although the prince did not appreciate the work as much as later audiences. The opus was crafted in part in a retrospective appreciation of Hadyn's "Creation Mass," also written for the Esterházy family. In fact, Beethoven praised the earlier master's works as being "inimitable masterpieces."

8:00 PM, Musica Sacra with Christopher Purdy

Thomas Tallis's Lamentations of Jeremiah is 15th Century polyphony at its finest, and one of the earliest examples of florid polyphony to be written in England. This music exemplifies the constructs of 15th Century counterpoint and text-setting. Along with the Latin text, Tallis included the Hebrew letters ALEPH, BETH, GIMEL, DALETH, and HE at the head of each verse, since they were printed and popularized in the Latin vulgate Bible of his time. This text was also set by famous English composer, William Byrd in 1563, around the same time as Tallis's great work. 

Monday, March 14th:

7:00 PM, Essential Classics: "Music you know you know even if you don’t know you know it."

 Tchaikovsky: Souvenir de Florence


Tuesday, March 15th:

7:00 PM, The American Sound with Jennifer Hambrick

Judith Lang Zaimont’s Reflective Rag 

Wednesday, March 16th: 

7:00 PM, Fretworks with John Rittmeyer

World-renowned Chinese guitarist Xuefei plays multiple virtuosic guitar works. 

Thursday, March 17th:

  • All Day St. Patrick's Day programming will include favorites throughout the day such as:
  • Reynaldo Hahn's "Three Preludes on Irish Folk Tunes"
  • Percy Grainger's "Irish Tune from County Derry"
  • Archie Potter's "Variations on a Popular Tune" played by the Ireland National Symphony
  • Beethoven's "The Pulse of an Irishman, op. 225, no. 4"
  • John Gardner's "Irish Suite"

7:00 PM, Symphony@7 with John Rittmeyer

Harty, An Irish Symphony

8:00 PM: A St. Patrick’s Special: Irish inspirations in classical music

Friday, March 18th:  

7:00 PM, The San Francisco Symphony 

Michael Tilson Thomas conducts a Traditional piece, as well as works by Prokofiev, Britten, and Ives.

Saturday, March 19th:

1:00 PM, Metropolitan Opera Broadcast

Donizetti's comedic opera, The Elixir of Love may have only been written in six weeks, but it has lasted nearly two centuries onstage. Here's a sneak peek of Matthew Polenzani & Anna Netrebko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51vIcz1IoyQ

6:00 PM, The American Sound with Jennifer Hambrick

Marjorie Merryman’s Dog Day Rag

7:00 PM, Fretworks with John Rittmeyer

The Amsterdam Guitar Trio with Vivaldi's “Spring”