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Suite Espanola And A Guitar Concerto Based On Sephardic Songs

Christopher Parkening playing the guitar
Beth Herzhaft
Christopher Parkening playing the guitar

Gaspar Sanz was a 17th century Spanish guitarist, composer, organist and priest.  He spent some time in Italy for his musical education and wrote influential works for the Baroque guitar.  His best-known music today is the collection called the Suite espanola.  Christopher Parkening will play his own transcription of a selection of six pieces, ending with Canarios, the most popular one from the suite.  

Argentinean composer Oscar Roberto Casares wrote a work for guitar and string quartet based on the Canciones Sefaradies, a collections of songs and music of the Sephardim.  They were the Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were forced to leave the Iberian peninsula in 1492.  

On the next Fretworks, I'll have a recording of the Concierto Sefaradi from the Quintetto Italiano.  The guitarist of this group is Eduardo Catemario, who won first prize at the Andres Segovia Competition in 1991.  

The 19th century Italian opera composer Gaetano Donizetti  wrote a charming work for the not-too-often heard combination of clarinet and guitar.  This week, you can hear the Serenade for Clarinet and Guitar performed by Dieter Kloecker and Sonja Prunnbauer.

Lutz Kirchhof performs on a Baroque lute for music of the 18th century by Johann Kropfganss.  This fairly obscure composer was born in Breslau, Silesia, which is now part of Poland, and he wrote for the lute at a time when it was beginning to go out of fashion.  The Lute Sonata in F is a fine example of music for the instrument.

Join me for Fretworks for music of the classical guitar, and this week, the lute as well on Saturday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm EST on Classical 101.