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Concerts@Ohio State February 7th: Mozart and Vaughan Williams

The Ohio State School of Music is home to many great artists and teachers; music is made daily.

Concerts@Ohio State presents performances by the students and faculty from the School of Music at The Ohio State University, Sundays at 1 p.m. on Classical 101. 

Credit radio.wosu.org
The Ohio State University Symphony Orchestra

From a concert in Weigel Auditorium in February of 2014, we'll hear the OSU Symphony play the Symphony 5 in D by Vaughan Williams. I've been very curious about this work .We don't hear the 20th century British Symphonic repertoire very often. I have to admit I've always found the two symphonies by Elgar to be tough going, but I like brussel sprouts, so you can't go by me.

Vaughan Williams worked on his Fifth for five years beginning in 1938.  His music had succeeded in nearly every genre, but the composer had spent thirty years trying to break into opera. Alas! His pet project, The Pilgrim's Progress, was never finished but some of its themes made their way into the symphony we'll hear on this program. It's always good to welcome Professor Marshall Haddock to the show.

Credit https://orlayalonso.wordpress.com/duo/
Orlay Alanso, former DMA candidate of the Ohio State University.

  We'll return to pianist Orlay Alonso's DMA recital last April to hear Mozart's Piano sonata 18. This was part of a collection presented to Princess Frederike of Prussia. Mozart' called these pieces "easy". They are not. I'll bet he was trying to score points with Her Grace....look she makes it sound easy. You may remember me kvelling, probably unprofessionally over Mr. Alonso's Schubert. I'm sure I'll keep kvellig, and perhaps the princess in heaven will be jealous.