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Conversations Revisited: Boyce Lancaster Talks With Michael Stern

Todd Rosenberg
Michael Stern

Growing up in the shadow of a famous parent can be both a blessing and a curse. Just ask Julian Lennon, Jason Bonham, Arianna Zukerman, or Navah Perlman. In sports, how difficult must it be to be LeBron James, Jr.?

In the world of Classical music, the name Stern has a magical aura about it. Violinist Isaac Stern lived and performed in an amazing musical era, working with the likes of Leonard Bernstein, Itzhak Perlman, and Pablo Casals. He famously led the effort which rescued Carnegie Hall from the wrecking ball.

As is often the case in such a household, Michael Stern tried heading off in any direction but music. He said it was an impossible mission.

Michael Stern was in Columbus to conduct the Columbus Symphony in a series of performances. He came to the Classical 101 studios for a conversation which gave us a look at his musical life today, and a bit of a peek behind the curtain at life as the son of Isaac Stern.