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Classical 101

This Thursday is Cat Day on Classical 101

Who better to lead the way to National Cat Day on Classical 101 than Nora the Cat and internet musician par excellance. Check out her compositions here: http://norathepianocat.com/videos/

What do Tchaikovsky's Puss-in-Boots from Sleeping Beauty, Bach's Cats May Safely Sleep, and Aaron Copland's I Bought Me a Cat have in common? They will all be featured on air next Thursday, October 29th, for National Cat Day on Classical 101.

Along with these fantastic musical selections, the WOSU Classical 101 blog will introduce you to the feline friends of a few musicians from Columbus ensembles. Also, be sure to listen throughout the day for stories about the purring pals of Classical composers and famous musicians.

Why are we so excited for National Cat Day? Well, we just think cats are purrrrfect musical companions.

Cats of WOSU

Credit John Rittmeyer
Classical 101 host, John Rittmeyer's cats, Chloe and Molly, pose for the camera. Apparently these two enjoy laying under foot, especially when John cooks!
Credit Christopher and Kerry Purdy
Classical 101 host, Christopher Purdy's cats like to follow the, "If it fits, I sits," meme policy. Chris's daughter Kerry also knows how to capture their cutest qualities in photos.

Credit Christopher and Kerry Purdy
Here is another great shot of Chris's calico cat who enjoys sitting in the kitchen sink.
Credit Cindy Gaillard
Here are WOSU's Broad and High TV series producer, Cindy Gaillard's two furry friends, Rafa (the cat) and Brixie. Apparently, Rafa-- named for Rafa Nadal-- thinks Brixie is his mother. That is about as cute as it gets.

Cat and halloween costume
WOSU Chief Operating Officer Karen Olstad with her cat Merlin celebrate Halloween a few years ago.
Credit Kylie Harwell-Sturgill
And here I am with my dear Tibult, last Halloween. My two black cats enjoy teasing our pit bull and listening to Wagner. Their favorite foods are cheese and baby spinach.