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Classical 101

Cool Cat Composers on Cat Day on Classical 101

Alan Hovhaness

Thursday is Cat Day on "Cool Cat" Classical 101.  Tune in for "purr-fect" music that will make you want to do a cat stretch after relaxing to beautiful music like the mystically inspired Mysterious Mountain by Alan Hovhaness, who was a great cat lover, or you can dig yowling and screeching sopranos for a Cat Duet by Rossini that might makes you want to scratch furniture.

For some cat antics that involves music of Rossini, there's this:

To get you in the mood to meow to mellow music with feline finesse, click here to see how many great composers have cat lookalikes.

We know cats can be finicky and picky about what they eat, but they can also have very particular tastes in the music they enjoy making.  Arnold Schoenberg's 12-tone works seem to be a hit with them when it comes to actually playing music:

Of course, for the more serious involved with contemporary music, there's the famous Nora the piano-playing cat waiting patiently for her cue to ponce on the keys in the Catcerto: