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Classical 101

Brace Yourself: Music to Help You Save the World

Boyce Lancaster
Inspiration comes in many forms

Much music is designed simply to entertain...to be a diversion for a while.  Background music can set the mood for a party, a soiree, maybe a special dinner.  Much of the music we listen to can accompany us through a day of work, chores, study, or errands.

Then there is music that, much like a child on the diving board yelling, "Watch me!  Watch me!  Watch me!," demands that you drop everything and give it your undivided attention.  Music that, like a stunning sunset, offers a moment of inspiration.

Some of that music we have listened to many times.  Beethoven's 5th Symphony is one of those.  Da Da Da Daaaaah grabs you right from the start.  I don't care how many times I hear it, when the third movement begins to build before exploding into the finale, I still get goosebumps.  Couple that with watching Leonard Bernstein conduct it with the Vienna Philharmonic and it becomes an otherworldly experience.  It is as though Bernstein conducts Beethoven's music from within the very notes themselves.


Maybe you have some go-to music for various occasions.  Warm ups, workouts, something to cheer you up or give you that little adrenaline boost that helps you push on.  I'd like to hear what they are.  Here, then, is sinfinimusic.com's list of (pardon their grammar), Top 10: Classical Music To Save the World To.