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Houston Ballet Performance Called on Account of Rain - Indoors

It might be time to build floating stages in Houston

When I was growing up, I played a lot of baseball.  Inevitably, games would sometimes get rained out.  Outdoor concerts suffer the same consequences, though many go on "rain or shine," because the musicians are under cover.  Pity the poor concertgoers, who are not.  It is the risk you take with outdoor performances and sports.

On the other hand, postponing or cancelling indoor performances because of rain doesn't happen very often. Yes, power outages, air conditioning on the fritz, etc., can cause unexpected problems.  However, the Houston Ballet recently called a performance on account of rain...indoors.

Here is the official statement:


8:41 p.m. We received further information which is that someone left open the exhaust flues at the very top of the Wortham stage, which let in all the rain. The wood stage floor buckled, the stage lamps were full of water, and the legs and some of the scenery got soaked. The crew call was at 1 p.m. and that's when somebody noticed all the damage. They press department frantically called patrons to notify them of the cancellation.

The rain in Texas was in the news a lot recently.  Other things have supplanted that in news reports, but it is still a huge problem.  Residents are now having trouble getting to grocery stores, or getting anywhere, for that matter.  Here's hoping the rain soon abates - and that someone checks the windows next time.  

The percussion section is grabbing oars and hoping the tympani float.

Meanwhile, the Houston Ballet should call this guy as a consultant.