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Buckeye Philharmonic- OSU’s “Underground” Orchestra

The Buckeye Philharmonic performing
Jaman E. Dunn

Here it is. I have the scoop on a rising, young group of fellow students who are so dedicated they have formed their own orchestra. They will play their sixth concert ever tonight, and you can get in on the ground floor.

The Buckeye Philharmonic is sort of a guerrilla operation led by my friend Jaman E. Dunn. It is a place for musicians who do not have opportunities to perform in OSU’s funded ensembles to finally perform on stage.

This is not to say that the group is performing less-challenging works than university-funded ensembles; this Monday’s program includes works by Tchaikovsky, Quantz, and Mahler.

These collegiate musicians are adding rehearsals and expenses on top of what is already required by the university for music majors. They have essentially added a class with performance requirements for zero credit hours and zero pay opportunities. This is music for the sake of music.

Thankfully, OSU has granted the Buckeye Philharmonic ‘Student Organization’ status so it exists on the books as a student-led organization, but that does not ensure its longevity. Your attendance and support can certainly can ensure that this dedicated group has many seasons to come and you can encourage more young musicians to keep the arts alive and well.

I am proud to invite you to enjoy the dedication of people my age, many friends and classmates of mine, who will be performing in Weigel Hall this Monday, March 3rd at 8:00PM.

I hope you will truly take part in the arts by showing your support for young musicians who just want to make music; no grades, no funding, no tickets required.

The Program:

  • Tchaikovsky- Slavonic March, Op. 31
  • Quantz – Flute Concerto in G, QV5: 174
  • Mahler – Symphony no. 1, ‘The Titan’

Here is Leonard Bernstein and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performing Mahler’s Symphony no.1, a performance that can certainly inspire musicians of any age.