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Classical 101

Josh Roman and Rossen Milanov in Conversation with Boyce

If you've lived in Columbus for any length of time, you know that live performances are like the weather.  Can't make it to this one?  No problem...there's another one right around the corner. These are exciting times in Central Ohio, especially for those of us who make radio.  It means we have numerous opportunities for conversations with visiting artists, musicians and performers who live and work in our community, and to spread the good news of any number of opportunities for you to see music, dance, theatre, or a combination thereof. Joshua Roman is a musician who is no stranger to Central Ohio audiences.  The young cellist recently performed a new cello concerto written for him by Mason Bates, a young composer/performer from Virginia.  It was commissioned by a consortium which included the Columbus Symphony and the Seattle Symphony, among others.  This trend toward consortium commissions is good news for music and musicians.  It means a new piece of music is heard by many audiences, rather than just one.First impressions are important, but one listening is never enough to fully understand or appreciate what your hearing. With that in mind, I spoke with Josh and Rossen about the Mason Bates Cello Concerto, as well as the other works on the program...Edward Elgar's Cockaigne, and the Organ Symphony by Camille Saint-Saens.