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Classical 101

When Beethoven's Not Enough

I can hear a few of you right now -"What do you mean Beethoven's not enough?  Somebody get a rope!" Before you form a lynch mob, listen to what artist and music-lover Curt Barnes said by way of explanation.

"Most music lovers grew up with Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and assorted other geniuses and find it hard to graduate to what (often) sound like lesser lights. But as citizens of the 21st century, now, we need to acknowledge the truism that the art (read: music) of the past is to some degree artifact."

I can agree with Mr. Barnes to a point...sometimes, I need something or someone different when it comes to music.  We all do.  A daily diet of our favorite food might seem like nirvana for the first few days, but when week number two rolls around, most of us would be begging for something different. Classical music has given me a greater appreciation for other styles and genres.  Some of what I listen to would cause puzzled looks or grimaces from others, but each of us has our musical guilty pleasures.  Maybe yours is Bruno Mars, or Meghan Trainor.  Possibly Toby Keith or AC/DC.  (You know you're out there). Possibly, you've begun reaching into more avant-garde fare, or maybe twelve-tone or microtonal music.  Most likely, you still sometimes just have to hear a Beethoven symphony, a Mozart opera, a waltz by Chopin, or a Haydn string quartet. Curt Barnes, the author of the article below, is not a musician, never played an instrument, and cannot read music.  None of that diminishes his enjoyment.  He makes some compelling arguments in support of his position. Nevertheless...Beethoven is sometimes the ONLY thing that is enough. Read Why Beethoven is Not Enough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YObQ6bP0eDQ