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Following the Ninth

There's a new film that demonstrates vividly how great music is not only admired but can be of use. Not just filling our souls or providing more than one endorphin rush, but of use to unite, defy and celebrate. Following the Ninth is the work of Canadian filmmaker Kerry Candaele. That he has already produced WalMart: The High Cost of Low Price; Iraq for Sale and A League of Their Own (inspired by his mother's life in baseball, inspiring to Tom Hanks and Madonna) means we have an artist for whom social conscience works in tandem with art. I'm not sure if it's a 50-50 split, but from what I've seen it's a potent combination. This film is part of a cycle Candaele plans on the life of Beethoven. The Ninth concludes with Friedrich Schiller's Ode to Joy, "a small tune anyone can sing." Following the Ninth presents Beethoven's symphony as it was used in response to devastation in Japan, in Chile and in Tiananmen Square. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj6j_7iiUYQ I haven't seen the film yet, only clips. I think Classical 101 should bring this film to Columbus and partner with cultural and political spokespeople from the community. Paging Bob Fitrakis! Stay tuned.

Christopher Purdy is Classical 101's early morning host, 7-10 a.m. weekdays. He is host and producer of Front Row Center – Classical 101’s weekly celebration of Opera and more – as well as Music in Mid-Ohio, Concerts at Ohio State, and the Columbus Symphony broadcast series. He is the regular pre-concert speaker for Columbus Symphony performances in the Ohio Theater.