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How Beethoven Inspires Snow Art

Above: snow art by Simon Beck If you're going to walk a marathon in the snow, you'd better have some inspiring music to listen to. That's why British snow artist Simon Beck, 56, listens to classical music while creating geometrical designs on some of Europe's most beautiful fields and frozen lakes. Beck trudges through the snow wearing snowshoes to crunch each design into existence. The scale of his massive projects - each measuring about 100 meters by 100 meters, or in other words, both length and width about the length of an American football field - means that Beck will walk about 25 miles to create a single work of snow art. It wasn't always a dream of Back's to become a snow artist. Beck told Gear Patrol magazine that he had studied engineering at Oxford University, but       And in case you're wondering what Beck does during the summer, he has branched out into beach art.   Read more:

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