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One Good Turn Deserves Another for Guitarist Milos Karadaglic

Milos Karadaglic, or just "Milos," is one of the stars of the classical guitar world.  He's barely in his 30s, concertizing all around the world, and is already helping other talented younger performers find their way, as described in this BBC News article. Milos Karadaglic is from the small Balkan country of Montenegro, part of the former Yugoslavia.  His talent was recognized early and at the age of 17, Milos was awarded a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music in London.  He also received a lot of support and encouragement in beginning his career from "Awards for Young Musicians" (AYM), a charity in England that helps young musicians from "all backgrounds and all walks of life." Now, he's returning the favor by having one of it's promising young classical guitar players, Haydn Bateman, appear on stage with him at a concert that is part of a fundraising event for an AYM program that aims to support 1,000 musicians from low-income families each year.  The younger guitarist is thrilled by the prospect of being on stage with an artist who has held 3,000 people's complete attention in a solo performance at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as performed concertos with orchestras around the world. Milos had the opportunity of performing on stage with one of his own guitar idols, the great English guitarist Julian Bream, at a 2008 AYM event, and that remains a vivid and inspiring experience for him.  Now, he hopes he can inspire another young guitarist to pursue his own dream of becoming a concert artist. http://youtu.be/vbOE1pAvb-8