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Nora The Piano Cat 'Catcerto' Comes To The Concert Hall


Lithuanian conductor, composer and artist Mindaugas Piecaitis decided that the talents Nora the Piano Cat should not be allowed to get lost in the shuffle.  To that end, he has penned an orchestral accompaniment for Nora called, Catcerto. Piecaitis wrote this about the piece: "In April of 2009, Lithuanian conductor, composer and music educator Mindaugas PieÄ?aitis contacted Philadelphia musicians and artists Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow! by email regarding creating a children's concert piece using footage of their cat Nora. Nora had taught herself to play piano after watching Betsy teach for about one year. At that time, Nora's YouTube video had already been viewed by millions of people all over the world. Intrigued, Betsy and Burnell worked with Mindaugas to set up an online account to exchange existing and new video footage of Nora's unique talent. After he created a multimedia piece by splicing various sections of Nora's playing into one continuous musical piece, the composer created an orchestral accompaniment." [caption id="attachment_77237" align="aligncenter" width="592"] Nora The Piano Cat. Photo: Burnell Yow![/caption] To date, there have been performances by 17 different orchestras, including the Houston Symphony and the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra.  You can see the full performance above.  The sheet music containing the main themes can be found here.  You think I'm kidding, don't you? For further information, please contact the agent of Nora the Piano Cat agent here.