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Music (Not) Made in America on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday

For centuries, immigrants have woven the cultures and traditions of their home lands into the fabric of American life, creating a culture on these shores of arguably unparalleled richness. Likewise, immigrants - or even just visitors - to America have found inspiration in the existing mix of cultures of their adopted land. Creative artists, in particular, have through the ages soaked in America's unique cultural mix and reinterpreted it in new artworks. That's how Dvorak's New World Symphony and "American" String Quartet came about, along with any number of works by other foreign-born composers under the influence of the U.S.A. Saturday evening on The American Sound join me for fun, American-inspired music by foreign-born composers. We'll enjoy Stravinsky's Barnum & Bailey's-inspired Circus Polka  and imagine the elephants that first danced and strutted along with it. Franz Waxman's Tristan and Isolde Fantasia will bring your Saturday night some drama worthy of the silver screen. We'll visit Florida with English composer Frederick Delius and experience the southern American inspiration for his Florida Suite. And from up north, Canadian composer François Dompierre's boogie-style piano prelude Frénétique will round things out "à l’Américaine.â€? Tune in for "(Not) Made in America: American-Inspired Music by Foreign-Born Composers" on The American Sound, Saturday evening at 6 on Classical 101.