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Classical 101

In the Key of 'D'anzmayr: The Glamorous Life of a Musician

You take your seat in a beautiful auditorium, maybe one that is a century or more old.  You settle into your seat and thumb through the program as musicians filter onto the stage.  Then the lights dim, out strides the Concertmaster, the orchestra does a final tune, and the conductor steps out.

What a wonderful job to have! Â Stage lights, a live audience, and spending your life making music for others.

It is not all bright lights and big cities, as you probably know.  There is so much work which goes into not just being able to play the instrument, but into each performance as you learn more and more music over your lifetime.  Then there are teaching and travel schedules, time away from home...it's a long list. Today, David Danzmayr and I discuss the glamorous life of musicians.