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"Super" Composer Michael Daugherty is 60 Today

Contemporary American composer Michael Daugherty is 60 years old today.  To celebrate the occasion, this evening on Symphony @ 7, we'll have music that's faster than a speeding baton and able to leap tall octaves in a single bound, the Superman comics-inspired Metropolis Symphony will be our featured offering. Daugherty has written other works inspired by American popular culture, including pieces with titles such as, Dead Elvis, Jackie O, UFO, and Niagara Falls. Since the early 1990's his Bright Blue Music from the  orchestral suite Color Music has been a staple at classical music stations around the country, including here!  It's engaging and uplifting music from an intriguing composer of our own time. The five sections of the Metropolis Symphony were composed for separate commissions between 1988 and 1993 and finally premiered by the Baltimore Symphony and David Zinman in 1994 as a single work.  The titles of the individual movements will probably make more sense to those well-versed in the comic book lore of Superman: 1. Lex 2. Krypton 3. MXYZPTLK 4. Oh, Lois! 5. Red Cape Tango. Happy 60th to Michael Daugherty! Our music this evening looks like a job for Super-Composer, so come "up, up, and away" for super-hero music on Symphony @ 7 here on Classical 101.