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At 99 and Counting, It's Never Too Late to Play Double Bass

Richard Turner will be 100 years old in May but apparently has no plans to stop playing the double bass anytime soon.  He took up the instrument in 1975 when he retired.  He rehearses and plays regularly with the Indooroopilly Chamber Orchestra, a local community ensemble in Brisbane, Australia. The magazine Limelight recently featured Richard Turner's story, and it just made my day when I read it.  If you think you're tool old to bowl or rock and roll, there's still hope to express one's creativity and have fun, too.  On his birthday, the orchestra plans to have a party, concert and tea to celebrate.  Nice going! As stated in the article, Turner did have some musical experience before joining the orchestra.  He was a singer with the Atherton Choral Society before learning the double bass.  From there he joined the Atherton Light Orchestra before moving to Brisbane in 2004 and his current gig as double bassist. May we all continue making our own music as long as the spirit moves us.