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Classical 101

Spring From The Four Seasons For Three Guitars On Fretworks

Antonio Vivaldi's Spring from The Four Seasons will be featured for the first Saturday of spring in an arrangement for three guitars on the next Fretworks on Classical 101.  The Amsterdam guitar Trio will perform this popular and sprightly music from their RCA recording from some 30 years ago but still sounding fresh as ever. The big work for the hour will be the Concierto madrigal by Joaquin Rodrigo.  It was written in the form of a suite and was commissioned by Alexandre Lagoya and Ida Presti in 1966.  The first public performance took place at the Hollywood Bowl in 1970 with Pepe and Angel Romero as soloists with the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra.  Our performance for Saturday's program features the Amadeus Guitar Duo (Dale Kavanagh and Thomas Kirchoff) as soloists with the Internationale Philharmonic recorded in Germany. English guitarist Graham Anthony Devine will have 8 Contradanzas by 19th century Cuban composer Manuel Saumell, arranged by Leo Brouwer.  Saumell is credited as being the first to cultivate a Cuban musical nationalism before his death in 1870. American guitarist Eliot Fisk will play his arrangement of a keyboard sonata of Domenico Scarlatti. Join me Saturday evening at 7 for music of the classcial guitar on Fretworks. http://youtu.be/O4k_2VA_BB4