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Classical 101

Music of Bach on 8-String Guitar on Next Fretworks

On Saturday evening at 7 on classical 101, the next Fretworks broadcast will feature Paul Galbraith and his 8-string guitar for music of Johann Sebastian Bach. He plays an unusual instrument that is held like a cello, with a metal endpin that rests on a resonating box on the floor to bring out more sound. Galbraith will play an arrangement of the Violin Partita No. 3 in E of Bach. We'll also hear the Italian Guitar Trio perform music of Franz Joseph Haydn that was written for  baryton, viola and cello. The baryton was an instrument that went out of fashion by the end of the 18th century. It was also held like a cello, had frets like a viola da gamba (or guitar), and had additional resonating strings. Haydn wrote some 175 pieces for this instrument for his employer, Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy, who enjoyed playing the baryton. David Russell will have music of Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz, and Russel Brazzel will play the Suite Cubano of Natalio Galen. In this hour of Fretworks, we'll also hear music of Luigi Boccherini, the Guitar Quintet No. 1 with Rey de la Torre and the Stuyvesant String Quartet. Join me Saturday evening at 7 for music of the classical guitar on Fretworks.