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Podcast: In the Key of 'D'anzmayr - Concertmaster, Finale

Over the last couple of podcasts, I have been chatting with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra Music Director David Danzmayr about the role of the concertmaster in the orchestra.  In doing some reading, everyone seems to agree on the basics, but the intangible is the relationship between the concertmaster and conductor, as well as between the concertmaster and orchestra. A conductor by the name of Kenneth Woods has a series of blogs about conducting in general.  One of them addresses the concertmaster.  In it, he offers tips to young musicians who aspire to this key position.  On that same page, he writes about "the worst conducting advice in the history of the universe." In this final part of our concertmaster conversation, David Danzmayr mentions that he sometimes steps back and leaves the orchestra to play segments of pieces alone, because thereare times that the conductor can just "get in the way." In addition to the conversation, the video above will give you a little insight into the David Danzmayr.