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Olympian Charlie White Plays Violin on NBC After Winning Gold

Half of the gold-medal-winning ice dancing team of Charlie White and Meryl Davis found himself on the set of NBC's Today Show to fulfill a promise made before the competition began. When it was discovered that he played the violin, Today Show hosts pressed him to play.  He said he hadn't picked it up in three years, spending all of his time in preparation for the Sochi games.  They managed to elicit a promise of a short performance if he and Meryl won the gold medal. As you probably know by now, that happened.  So Charlie kept his promise and appeared on NBC with Meryl Davis to deliver the goods.  Maybe Charlie can now carve out a little more practice time. On a related note, I recently wrote about violinist Vanessa Mae being part of Thailand's Olympic ski team.  Many have  laughed and made snide comments, but one musician, Kenji Bunch, says wait a minute.  Read his rebuttal, posted by Lara St. John, here. Watch Charlie White play and find out more at NPR's Deceptive Cadence Listen to Itzhak Perlman give Charlie a demonstration of proper technique below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTPiZup0QmM