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Mozart Minute Podcast: Mozart's Fiancee

In December 1781 Mozart wrote to his father from Vienna that he planned to marry Constanze Weber. Mozart knew that his father was opposed to his marrying and that his dad would be underwhelmed by choice of bride.  So in his letter he crafted a cleverly balanced description of Constanze, accentuating her strengths while openly addressing her perceived flaws. In The Letters of Mozart and His Family, Emily Anderson  translates Mozart’s words to his father: “I must make you better acquainted with the character of my dear Constanze.  She is not ugly, but at the same time far from beautiful.  Her whole beauty consists in two little black eyes and a pretty figure. "She has no wit, but she has enough common sense to enable her to fulfil her duties as a wife and mother.  It is a downright lie that she is inclined to be extravagant...True, she would like to be neatly and cleanly dressed, but not smartly...Moreover, she understands housekeeping and has the kindest heart in the world.  I love her and she loves me with all her heart.  Tell me whether I could wish myself a better wife.â€?