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An Idea for Date Night: Free Columbus Symphony Concert

C'mon down to the Ohio Theatre, Wednesday February 12 for a free concert by the Columbus Symphony. These "Happy Hour" concerts are a new endeavor and so far have proved crowded and popular. Doors open at 5.30 for free food and a cash bar. Concert begins at 6.30 and runs one hour. This is the perfect opportunity to experience the Columbus Symphony for the first time, or to return as an old friend. Hopefully, my remarks from onstage won't distract you from complete enjoyment of the music. My aim is to be welcoming and de-mystify this music for those "Oh, I'd never go to that because I wouldn't understand it and would fall asleep" folks. Come as you are. Come hungry. Get yourself in the mood for an hour of great music. It's free and your tummy and your soul will be fed. Daniel Meyer will conduct the Columbus Symphony. He's from Cleveland and is a graduate of Denison University. Daniel pursued graduate study at Boston University, my alma mater 150 years ago, where he received the conducting Honors Award. He is Music Director of the Ashville Symphony. Daniel is in conversation with Boyce Lancaster at 9 Wednesday morning, on Classical 101 FM or online at wosu.org/classical101. As you munch in your seats and sip your beer, wine or diet Gatorade, you will enjoy Festina Lente by Estonian composer Arvo Paert, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet which you will know even if you don't know it, and Mozart's 29th Symphony (he was just getting warmed up).  Mozart is the perfect composer to send the audience home buzzed and happy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILOlXucWkTQ It's free. It's one hour. Free eats. Cash bar. Wednesday, February 12 Ohio Theatre. Doors open at 5.30. I DARE YOU